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Greenlight Phoenix Run

From the mind of TJ Walker … comes an exciting all new synthesis of trans-media storytelling.

It’s called Phoenix Run. And it encompasses multiple forms of media to convey a sci-fi story unique in both scope and creative ability.

The first element is a web series. It tells the story of a post-pandemic world of zombies and superheroes.

A street-smart smuggler takes a job to hijack a vaccine shipment. He will find himself in possession of an experimental serum that could cure the world’s superhuman pandemic.

This is an epic story that even an award-winning web series cannot tell completely.

It will require an upcoming TV series, a video game, episodic virtual reality episodes … and, best of all … an interactive comic book series and a smartphone app that enhances the experience.

The interactive comic book series will follow the same story as the web series but will shift its focus to other characters as the story unfolds.

The comic book will be available in print and digital download. The printed comic books will use technology that will allow audiences to scan a panel of the book with a smart phone for a cinematic or experience on the device. We call this fusion A

All you need to do purchase the comic book and download the ‘Phoenix Run’ app.

Scan the comic book with your device’s camera and the pages will come to life, providing an un-matched rich media experience. The limitations of static pen-and-ink drawings are gone with Augmented Reality.

Phoenix Run is designed to maximize branded marketing opportunities, so it can be as profitable as it is creative.