Phoenix Run


Already, Phoenix Run has made history by racking up nine “best web series” awards at multiple Comic-Cons nationwide, including the Geek Film Fest Best Web Series Gold Award at Stan Lee’s Los Angeles Comic-Con, for a grand total of 20 awards internationally. A web series characterized by its interactivity, Phoenix Run blends elements of comic books with the sci-fi and horror genres. In it, a street-smart smuggler in a post-pandemic future coexists with superhumans and the infected.

My name is TJ Walker, and as the creator of Phoenix Run, I could not be any happier with the reception that my project has received. I have spent the last five years collaborating with artists, writers and professional filmmakers alike, making Phoenix Run into a truly special experience for everyone involved.

Now, I am ready to take this project to the next step.

Going Forward

I plan on releasing Phoenix Run as an interactive comic book available both in print and as a digital download. Using the Phoenix Run app, readers will be able to choose different paths and unlock digital panels that will add more to a story driven experience, The printed edition will use AR technology, scanning each page with a smartphone for the interactive aspect, cut-scenes on your device spliced in with the on-the-page story itself.

The series pieces together bits of favorite science fiction classics in a unique way that’s never been done before. I am proud of the pioneering mindset with which the entire Phoenix Run team has pushed themselves, and I am confident that this series is going to become a fan favorite very quickly.