PANDEMIC PUNK: Tales of the Phoenix run

Pandemic Punk is a sci-fi thriller set in a not-so-distant eco/solar punk future of superhumans, infected, and a global vaccine conspiracy. A new world order has been forged on the dying embers of a pandemic-ridden civilization… and now it will burn!

In this dystopian future, no one has escaped infection from a deadly virus that effortlessly swept the world. To stay alive, you must take a daily vaccine for the rest of your life, or else risk turning into one of… them.

In this new vaccine-driven world, your vaccine dosage is the new currency as the global population are forced to work in order to earn an extra day supply to stay alive.

While the poor live day to day, scraping by for the chance at 24 more precious hours, the rich live barricaded in luxurious cities, destined to die from nothing but natural causes.

If you need something smuggled in or out of the city, Man is your guy, but everything comes at a price. However, when a face from his past reaches out for help, Man finds the PHOENIX, a cure to the global pandemic in the palm of his hands.

With your help, he must now choose between a life of limitless fortunes unseen even in the wealthiest parts of the new world order or ending the corrupt system once and for all. Unfortunately for Man, the Keepers, an elite squad of superpowered soldiers, have not taken too kindly to his new-found power…

The enhanced digital anthology has over 200 panels, a interactive comic book cover, 4 short films, a motion comic & soundtrack.
The Fall Interactive comic book cover 3 PAGES DIGITAL & PRINT
Chapter 1: The World is Sick Part 1 17 PAGES Digital & Print
Chapter 2: Run from the night 20 PAGES Digital & Print
Chapter 3: To Catch a Rat 7 page comic book print & digital
Chapter 4: JERICHO 9 page B&W preview

Pandemic Punk NFT edition cover

From the creative mind of TJ Walker comes PANDEMIC PUNK: Tales of the Phoenix Run a new interactive comic book app based off of the award-winning web series Phoenix Run. The exciting and innovative Sci-fi series will take on a trans-media approach to storytelling like nothing we’ve ever seen before.
The Pandemic Punk app seeks to tell a compelling story through a combination of Film, animation, an interactive choose your own path experience and a killer soundtrack.

The Pandemic Punk interactive comic book will be available in both print and digital download, the printed comic books will use AR technology that will allow audiences to scan the cover of the book with their smartphones. This creates an interactive choose your own path experience with cinematic and animation cutscenes on your device.
The app will also feature exclusive art from the comic book, videos and original music as bonus digital content

Dive deep into the world of Pandemic Punk: Tales of the Phoenix Run with these standalone short films that take place in the Phoenix Run universe.
Taking place in a dystopian future where everyone is infected with a deadly nano virus, A street smart smuggler Marky is on the run from a crooked super hero and his infected henchmen. Marky flee’s to the only family he’s ever known, former superhero Ma Jones AKA Thunder.
a homicidal lunatic, Harvey interrogates a homicidal psychopath Marky. Harvey want’s the super serum Marky stole, the serum (The Phoenix) may be the cure the worlds Xe strain infection.
Shawn formally known as superhero sidekick Kid Amazing gives a rare interview about his life after being a superhero, the struggles living with the Xe strain infection and his son..

We want you to get completely immersed in the world of Pandemic Punk: Tales of the Phoenix Run by offering you dope music for the senses. fully enjoy the audio quality with headphones, open up the comics, and prepare yourself for a Sci-Fi thriller of spectacular sounds!